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Just know I'm from the SIP
And I'm country as hell
Thick in the hips 
But my love never fails

Waking up on repeat 
Steady chasing this bag
Making sure we all eat
I don't have to brag

If I got it you got it
Was my upbringing 
Sipping on this hypnotic 
My phones steady ringing

I'm not taking a loss
So I'm working while in SICK
Beating cancer at all cost
Turning many tricks 

I Had to run game
And I'm not ashamed
They put dirt on my name
But that's apart of the game

Now I'm sitting still
I don't have shit to prove 
It doesn't matters how you feel
While you watch me move

If I go left or right
Just know I'm coming
You can't keep me in sight 
You steady stumbling 

In it to win
It's been a hard ass road
Got to keep going for kin
Need help carrying this load

Please don't overload me
That's all I'm asking 
Don't need no misery 
While I'm multitasking 

Carry your own weight
Or get left behind 
Baby don't make no mistake 
I got mine


  • Jun 17, 2021

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