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Time flees they say,
Time to bear my errors and end to anxiety.

To interrupt actions, to stop my desire for degree of quality and to acclaim my flaws.

For piecemeals in nature of God's desire, to adhere to the callings of my fears.

To clasp my mankind, to love and cherish for my imperfections are part of my kind.

To embrace the undesired, cordially to receive the unrecognized and to fondle the uncompleted.

If time unfolds and i await perfection before the adorement of my kind,
I will be left to what cometh of life to me.

If i desire to await my errors to vanish,
I will be like a desert land that yields no fruit.

Like a sword of a warrior that has never fought any battle
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines


  • Jun 17, 2021

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