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I don't want to be rescued;
I don't want to be saved. 
My mind always plays tricks;
Leaving more and more notches.
I bet they're all thinking it's madness,
"He needs help cuz he's helpless,"
The actual question;
Is why he never asks?
I was taught to be strong.
To not feel too strongly or I'd lose me.
Save me, fix me?
Three ways of a single phrase
That means the same. 
My trauma turned into blackouts
My mind turned into spaz outs
Cuz I couldn't make sense of myself now.
It's a long road getting to here
Where your heart is finally here.
I don't want to be rescued, saved or fixed
I want to be loved
Even with all these culked together bricks.


  • Jun 16, 2021

  • Jun 17, 2021

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