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Mommy Cheats

Mommy cheats every day, when dad pecks her cheek and walks away. 
A young stocky fellow at least twenty five, the neighbor across the street she always visited past nine. 
He was younger than mom by fifteen years, 
Came the time in 9 months, my baby sister appeared. 

Mommy cheats everyday, not with a man that loves her like dad. 
A man in his fifties, at least fifty nine, who'd lived his life as a virgin, at least until he was fifty five. 
I don't know why she loved the old hag
But what was left of him that day was in a plastic bag. 

Mommy cheats every day, my new brother and my sister would always play.
She would play mom, and I would play dad, while our little brother was the affair. 
This time he was a short blonde guy, that stood, eh... Maybe 50 inches high. He had big blue eyes and a very small stature, that's probably why he never survived. 

Mommy cheats everyday, at least this time with a man her age. He was a doctor at least fourty five, and from what I heard, he gave her a pretty good time. It'd surely be a shame if dad found out, but I really think he's caught on by now... Lately I've had siblings pop out, and sometimes I'm wondering if mom will ever stop now. 

Mommy cheats everyday, and now I've got a little brother on the way. This time I'm pretty sure it was the newspaper boy, since mom always disappeared on days he wasn't throwing papers in our yard. I think I've caught on, and my siblings have too, but dad, we don't know yet what he'd do. 

Mommy doesn't cheat... 
Not anymore, no more guys yet to explore... 
The men she loved once before, she's joining them finally. 
I guess dad finally gave up, no matter how many he killed, more came back up
How do I know that dad killed them all? Because after the second one I accompanied him with the blood on the walls

In that little basement just down stairs, he tortured them each hair by hair, before he knealed than and as they screamed, he'd watch them bleed at the neck. Cut off their hands and then their feet. Send their bodies to taxidermy. Kept them in his closet at least for a few weeks... 

Mommy no longer cheats, because now she's dead. I heard that in dad's closet there's a new addition to his collection. 
It's not that me nor my siblings minded, because we saw her everyday, and he told me, "Now son, when a woman cheats, don't let her fool you, one time is too many. So you leave her, or else you'd end up killing them just like I do."

Mommy cheats, at least now in heaven or hell, with some of the men she knew so well.. 
I have to admit I sort of miss her. 
But then again, I can see her in my sister. 


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