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The GWC, or Global Writing Community is as the name suggests a Community, a collection, a group, of writers from all over the world. As a community we have support from many different countries in individuals who have chosen to join us, and support us in what we do, to share their work.

So why are we a thing? Because the GWC was built in the idea that a community of Writers are able to regularly create content to share in a great way that is accessible easily. This is why the GWC has an Online Magazine, and while for the last year it has been a rather simple set up, the July 2021 Issue is going to the next level.

Our social media is also everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tictok, Blogger, Youtube and Podbean, so there are a few ways to stay involved with what is going on. The social Media is there to share Daily Features, Upcoming details, reminders of deadline and new features.

Our Facebook Group is currently where most of the activity is, but as our social media grows we are hoping that new groups of writers continue to get involved on their preferred accounts.

The GWC promotes Daily Features, we currently have 2 every day, our 28 Day Short Story, as well as several other Monthly Features. Then within the Magazine itself we have even more monthly features that our community can get involved in.

As well as Text and Images, we are in a position to share videos, audio and even have our own Podcast series currently called Talk It Over on Podbean.

Because we are a community it means we are always growing, new members, new features, new ideas, our community drives us forward. 

Our presence on here, isn't to poach or to flood the community with our content, but to share what we do with another community of Writers. We would love to see this community getting involved, because we are all writers and we can share and benefit each other, including promoting and sharing Writers Outlet themselves and their events, as a few of the GWC started here in this community.

So if you are interested and would like to know more, please drop us a message, or friends request us here, or use our links to find us on other platforms.


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