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No matter which way I come
Just know I'm coming
This is how it all begun
So now you're gunning 

Double crossed me
Every chance you got
Loyal is what you'll never be
It's just something that you're not

You got mad as hell
After 14yrs of saying yes so now I say no
Look like you fail
To get understanding from the door

I'm not your child or your wife
I'm done with YOU now
Backstabbed with your knife
I'm still healing from the blow 

They say healing takes time
You must be out of your mind
Thinking it's a next time
Ha that's a damn crime

Felt like I was dying
I laughed to keep from crying
I'm no longer sighing
But there's no need in denying

Baby your time is up
So get out of my way
I've had ABOUT enough
No matter what you 

I'm over it
And I'm so OVER you
Go on with your side chick
Cause baby we are thru 


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