You Want To Leave Read Count : 45

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If you leave
I won't miss you
My pet peeve
And I'll diss you

Wondering why I'll bounce
No time for fake niggas
My love you renounced 
So you pulled the trigger 

I'm done being there
For the whole crew
You've been everywhere 
But 4 me you never came thru

Denied me every time
While I gave you chance after chance
Realizing you were never mine
Left me in a fucked up circumstance 

When I tried to leave
BIHH you didn't want me 2 go
Done everything in your deed
You even blocked the damn door

But it's alright for you to exit
On your own time
THINKING God's about 2 bless it
Nigga you must be out your mind

Just know it won't be easy
Trying to replace me
The next BIHHH can't please you
That's how it'll be

Bae I'm pretty and curvy big
But my game is strong
My nickname is Pig
Having niggas doing right when they want 2 do wrong...


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