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In a faraway land
Where the eternal night dwells
Upon the dead sky,
Where verismo is a hoax,
And my mind lies in comfort,
Where my fantasy prevails,
Is the land where I can never step upon when I desire,
It is the land where,
When I run away from the crumbling realm,
I stumble upon and waits for death to slowly crawl to me,
But it never arrives,

I uncover myself in the arms of a white knight,
Taking me away from the fallen world,
My arms holding me close,
Fearing to relinquish my saviour to the merciless oblivion, 

We ride into the passing glow of the sky, 
His divine eyes fixed on me, 
In those eyes I see something,
I cannot understand, 
His leaning in throbs my heart,
But soon the gentle kiss consoles me, 
With the dying rays, I dust away,
Leaving the stranger behind, 

But those eyes never left my heart,
Nor did the essence of his lips upon mine,

I dream one day I cross paths, 
With my White Knight,


  • Aug 08, 2021

  • Aug 10, 2021

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