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Nothing in life is fair. My best friends and I are now as close as we possibly can be, but that's only due to extremely unfortunate circumstances. My mother has now taken custody of the both of them, and we are now siblings. But why? Both of their parents just recently went to jail, leaving them to take care of themselves. My mother, who loves them both very much, had to step in. Their mother, however, isn't as generous. She calls every day to ask for money that she doesn't need, and then threatens us when she doesn't get it. She's in jail for several reasons, one being that she was caught driving with drugs in the car. She asks for hundreds of dollars from her children everyday, so that she can buy the same shit that got her put behind bars in the first place. Her kids, my siblings, are in a terrible situation, and they need that money to survive, but their mother is selfish, and cares more about her own happiness. 


  • Aug 08, 2021

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