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Even though I’m an adult 
have adult knowledge 
I can be like a child at times, 
my heart as an angel 
always want to be a better person 
whatever I made a mistake,
I will always put myself down. 
think bad things about myself 
all I do was put every people down 
always made people feel I’m a disgrace, 
all I want them to like me
if I behaved like an adult 
I’m a person who wants people 
to see me in a different light, 
don’t want people to see me 
as a bad person 
talk about my flaws to peoples 
make me feel bad for myself, 
wish I was a better person 
I’m sensitive to people and their emotions 
whatever I hurt them,
it makes me hate myself 
I put their emotions a top priority 
more than just my own 
I love just the way they are, 
they are just important 
than my own, 
I want them to think of me as heart like an angel. 
I always disgrace them and made them 
feel ashamed of me 
hurting people is not what I do 
I can be overwhelmed by different things 
that bothered me, 
pressure me to do what other people can do make me insensitive at time, 
only do it without any pressure from anybody. 
Heart of an angel. 
I’m like other peoples I can be a very sociable person and when I listen to their previous experiences and understand them 
I can be emotional to make me want to comfort them 
I’m a person who wants to love people. 
This is who I am, I’m just like Rapunzel 
I’m a girl who has everything 
I do have a strong love within me, 
this is truly who I am as a person. 
I’m not scared of giving my loving heart 
out to people but, 
I’m stuck in between 
and don’t know what to do 
I’m different from other people 
and hard for me to give my loving heart 
to people, 
I want people not to go hard on me 
because I have depression, 
it won’t go away, 
is not I’m on a dark side 
I can’t stand being in reality, 
this is part of my health condition 
I’m probably is his type in a different ways. 


  • Patrick Connors

    Patrick Connors

    Dear, treasure of a woman. the few weaknesses your poem suggested. your greatest strengths. cause you are an indomitable spirit that i can tell learns from them. peacd to your sucess be blessed in Jesus christ. with round abouts the amount to fullfill that dream.

    Aug 10, 2021

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