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Dubious Shot 
An essay on personal experiences and events drafted in a story is held as diary, blog or journal, however a blog is written in a conversational style, where author interacts with the readers, so blog is a sort of lecture too in journal, magazine and websites. You may plead that diary is a daily account of personal experiences and incidents or events. Diary may be released publicly or to friends only, and may be restricted for self-reliance to soothe and loose one’s tenterhooks.  
I never dared to write diary daily because a man is not fair in writing events daily in the diary. At least, I am not so fair due to my pride and prejudice. Some saints and religious preachers, as well as psychologists also suggest you to write daily diary, before going to bed in night. I am misdemeanour and a man is said an effigy of errors, hence I hesitate and afraid of writing bad and dark events that would be confession of your sins, felonies, cheating, fraudulent activities and so on. When I was studying at first year degree course, I started to write my diary but within a fortnight I discarded the writing of diary, because a man is not supposed to confess flirting on some girls with guys and smoking cigarettes. Such events drafted in diary would be stories of eve teasing. I don’t know that a lady was having crush on you, but her body language reveals that she has soft corner for you, when she flaunts her cleavage and sees you side way and murmurs dialogues with flickering lips. It was trepidation to bring infamy and backlash in one’s conduct if your diary was read by your family member then sanctions and restrictions would be imposed on you. I never wanted to be imposed religious sanctions and be scolded for wrongdoings and moral turpitudes because everyone likes to go with the wind and to live in majority within the trend. Erotic talk, gibberish, eve teasing, flirting and smoking are noticed easily among the teenagers in college. 
Dubious shot is the catch word here – it means to conceal or hide something or act with shield of flattery and trick. Dubious shot is a game like hide and seek. Try to cover your follies or errors with pretension, pretext and excuses. Perpetrator should be witty but not simpleton.
Debu enjoyed smoking cigarettes with Gappu and it was Gappu who offered Debu cigarettes, first time to taste and feel energy and enthusiasm like a man. Debu denied first to smoke, as it was injurious to health and would cause cancer. Gappu pleaded – it is sign of manhood in public and trend to impress someone. God sent you on this earth to taste and use all sensuous and inebriated stuff or drug at Rave party where you had to smoke and drink Gin, Rum or whisky. Debu asked Gappu – what to do about foul smell of cigarettes and wine. Debu advised Gappu – consume cardamom, Anise [aniseed] and peppermint while entering in the house. Mouth freshener condiments, cardamom, anise may save you from foul smell. Gappu asked Debu to go with him to Debu’s house and if Debu’s mother or sister would ask about foul smell and whereabout activities then Gappu would tackle the situation. As they entered Debu’s house, they saw Debu’s mother was cutting mangoes with her daughter Simi. They asked – what is going on? 
Simi responded – we are making mango pickle. Why are you late Gappu? It is 2:30 PM, we are looking you for lunch. 
Debu’s mother yelled – it’s foul smell of tobacco - - - yes burning tobacco - - - you smoked? 
Gappu responded – No, aunt, we don’t smoke. It is smell of diesel that we brought from the petrol station [pump] for the generator and motor and Gappu came late here, because he was helping me in some petty works. 
Debu’s mother and his sister tried to smell their hands but they smelt fragrance of cardamom and anise near their faces. Debu’s sister noticed foul smell was emerging from their shirts. Debu told them that foul smell of diesel is coming out from the shirt of Gappu. Their pretension fixed and they got success in befooling Debu’s mother and sister. Gappu whispered to Debu – what dubious shot I triggered and Gappu exclaimed, you are marksman playing catapult pelting stones, marbles and pellets.  
My brother sent me a What’s App video where a nurse shot the injection of Covishield vaccine with empty syringe. I wondered but watched the video and found that nurse filled the syringe little bit with the vaccine fluid from the phial pulling the piston of syringe and released a little bit in air then exclaimed – oh! excess quantity and inserted the needle again in the phial and refilled it. She asked the patient to look towards the roof or at the other nurse, and loose the muscle of the arm closing the fist. The patient followed the instruction and she took a shot injected empty syringe on the arm of the patient. She asked the patient – do you feel piercing pain? Patient responded – I felt the piercing pain of the needle but not the flow and absorption of the fluid or vaccine. Nurse smiled and commented but you taken the shot of the vaccine, so you should care for the post shot effect and reaction. You may develop fever, giddiness and stroke. If you are feeling giddiness and uneasy then you may lie on the bench and take rest. Such activities and felonies repeated frequently and patients paid fees to the private hospitals. They extorted money charging exorbitant prices. 
Such complaints made by several patients. Victims told the stories to their friends, they felt just pain but not absorption of the vaccine in the muscles. Some doctors discussed and I consulted to some doctors and friends. I exclaimed them, no doubt they were cheating and charging heavy fees but pierced the muscles of the victims with needles. Fear spread among some friends and relatives, who watched the video where a nurse pierced the needle of the syringe that was empty. I said to my brother – it is dubious shot and that nurse was playing tricks to earn money and was saving the dose of vaccine for some patients, who paid high fees because there is shortage of the vaccine doses too. My brother warned me, not to go alone to the vaccination centre and keep vigil over the system there for second dose of vaccine. 
I searched online the vaccination centres in my city. No private hospital was authorised or given licence for vaccination. Degree college was established as vaccination centre. For registration, mobile number and Aadhar card were produced before the dealing clerk. I went on Wednesday 9, 2021 to the centre and stood in the queue. A compounder asked me for registration of vaccination where he was doing the test of covid infection [antigen test] that was mandatory for the registration of vaccination. I gave consent to him, then he inserted a needle into my nostril and then took out and declared that I was corona negative testing the swab. A nurse asked me to come next day for vaccination, as there was no vaccine in the storage. Next day, I went there along with my wife and same compounder took the antigen test of my wife and the nurse gave the report of corona negative, but they asked us to come on Saturday as supply was not made and vaccine was out of stock. 
I went on Monday June 14, 2021 to the centre alone to find out whether Covishield vaccine was supplied there or not. I found that Covishield vaccine was being used. They asked me for registration and I produced the registration certificate of the first dose of Covishield taken at Khairagarh on March 13, 2021. After a short wrangle, they registered me for the second dose of vaccination. I was alone there because my wife denied to go there due to gastric trouble and uneasiness. I received a slip for second dose of vaccination. I went to the room No 6 where vaccines were being shot to the people. A nurse asked me to go to the room No 7 for second dose of vaccination. 
I entered in the room No 7 and saw that there were two nurses without any patient or person. I produced the hand note or slip to the nurses they examined it and said – it is second dose of Covishield. I responded, “yes, I came for the second dose.” A nurse asked me to sit in the chair then – I posed my left arm naked pulling up the left arm of the T-shirt. A nurse held it and raised up to my shoulder then she took the syringe and filled very meagre amount of the vaccine from the phial that I couldn’t read the name of the vaccine on the label or wrapper there. She asked me, not to look at her and my arm. She again asked me to see at the beautiful nurse standing opposite side and she rubbed my left arm with a cotton ball. She asked me to close the fist and loose the muscle and look at the beautiful nurse other side and she pierced the needle of the syringe then in some jiffies she pulled off the needle. I couldn’t understand and asked her – “you have injected me.” 
She responded – “yes, a shot of vaccine done to you.” I was numbness for a while, no pain and no feeling of the absorption of the vaccine fluid in my arm, I felt. I remembered my brother’s warning where some nurses cheated on some patients in the private hospitals and charged heavy amounts of money for covid vaccines. The other nurse also nodded but not uttered a single word. I again said, “I couldn’t notice your action of shot taken on my left arm.” They said, “you are vaccinated.” I saw at a glance at the syringe, it was not transparent and I couldn’t find or notice about the vaccine phial. Even they didn’t ask me to take rest in the room for fifteen minutes to know about giddiness, fever, uneasiness and side effect. 
I came out of the vaccination centre and no man asked me to take rest and not to go alone home. I interacted with an old couple who were vaccinated and were riding on the scooter. They said that they had taken rest for twenty minutes after vaccination and they were heading to home. I only said – I took the shot of second dose of vaccine but my wife couldn’t come today with me. They suggested me – bring her in due course, means within 120 days after the first dose of vaccination. They asked me – whether, I was going on foot? I responded – no, I will go by car parked outside of the premises. 
I came home driving the car and narrated the story to my wife. After three hours of vaccination, I felt giddiness. I told my wife – “I am feeling giddiness and sensation over backside of neck and juncture of head. My wife responded– it means, second dose of vaccine you received.  
Next day, I felt again same symptom of giddiness. For three days, in morning I felt giddiness. I asked my son about the post affect of vaccine. He responded – you got vaccination so that was the side effect caused in giddiness. 
I narrated him the story that I felt no absorption of the vaccine fluid in muscle when the nurse shot me the injection. I felt only the piercing needle. 
I explained him – it might be a dubious shot but meagre vaccination or a pint of vaccine might develop the culture of antibodies in the muscle and body or blood stream in due course gradually, because I am a science graduate and know well that vaccine develops culture of antibodies tremendously. I know microbes and genetic engineering also that is not dubious but real. I want to suggest you – look at the beautiful lips or eyes of the nurse or at roof if nurse is ugly during vaccination because there is a chance of dubious shot, snag, bug, flaw or any kind of error where nurse is churlish and upset. 
Word Notes – This article is written to aware the readers from the dishonest persons who play tricks in some acts of trade and profession. 
Misdemeanour – n. a minor wrongdoing, say as petty theft, simple assault and indecent exposure etc; Trepidation – n. a feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen; Turpitude – n. depraved or wicked behaviour or character; Gibberish – n. unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing [nonsense talk]; Perpetrator – n. a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act 


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    Kamal Kishore Sharma

    I regret that 'Writer's Outlet' produced this article in a single paragraph whereas original article is split into 19 paragraphs and Word Notes split in 2 paragraphs. I am working on an Anthology and in due course I will release it.

    Aug 08, 2021

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