Daddy Thomas And His Loyal Doggie Husband Read Count : 106

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Master Thomas sits fully clothed at home and in boots holding a dog lead in His one hand, attached to the other end, collared and clipped to the lead held tightly by Master Thomas is His bitch boy, stripped naked, on its knees and licking Master Thomas’s boots

Master Thomas keeps it collared and on a lead at all times, yanking the lead tight and choking His bitch regularly, looking down and laughing as He does so “who do you belong to bitch?” He says knowingly, watching His bitch gasp for air but not caring, just waiting for it to get its words out “You Sir, it is Your property Sir”

Master Thomas laughs and spits in its face “Good boy, you are nothing but an object to me now back to my boots, lick them bitch”

As He looks down at His bitch hard at work on His boot Master Thomas puts His other boot on the back of His slave, making it a boot rest.

The slave Princess Pony quivered, trying to stay up on all fours with Masters weight on its back, struggling. It tired and sat back slightly on its legs, only to be kicked upright again by the Masters spurs, gasping in pain and struggling back upright once more. It did it four times, each time kicked harder.

after about 30 minutes Master Thomas says abruptly “stop licking bitch,kneel before Me”

it complies immediately, on its knees before its Master, hands behind its back, Master Thomas looks at it and laughs, raising a boot to the bitches cock Master Thomas moves it about with His boot “you have such a tiny cock bitch, only good for one thing isn't it bitch?” 

“Yes Sir” Princess Pony replies. The pony looked down at its cock, a look of intense humiliation on its face.

Master Thomas grips the lead tight and swiftly kicks the bitch in the balls, laughing as His bitch recoils in pain Master Thomas kicks again and again and again and continues non stop for several minutes

“lie on your back you stupid piece of shit” Master Thomas barks at His bitch, it complies immediately and lies on the floor in front of its Master, Master Thomas promptly puts a boot on its cock and treads full weight on it to step up on to its body, standing and looking down on it as He stops, just standing on its cock, then walking up its body to its chest where He stands, a boot is raised over its face, “lick My boot soles bitch, lick off every bit of filth I have walked through today”

it slurps and licks frantically at its Masters boot soles making sure they are spotless, When Master Thomas is satisfied He tells it to stop and adds “you must be thirsty after that, open your mouth bitch”

Master Thomas unzips His trousers and pulls out His cock, “here's a drink bitch, open wide” it lies with its mouth wide as Master Thomas pisses straight in to its mouth, it gags and gulps trying desperately to capture and swallow every drop, once Master has emptied His bladder He steps backwards to stand on its thighs and instructs it to sit up, He shakes His cock in its face and tells it to lick it clean and worship it. bitch licks and kisses its Masters cock and balls until Master Thomas is hard and violently rams His cock in its mouth and tells it to suck it and make Him cum, slave immediately does as it is told and sucks hard and fast until its Master holds the back of its head as He cums hard in its mouth “swallow it all bitch, every drop of my cum must be eaten”

it promptly complies and opens its mouth wide to show Master Thomas His cum has been consumed, Master Thomas promptly spits in its mouth and slaps its face “now lick my boots you fucking cunt” He says. 

End of Ceremony One. 


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