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When your dreams wake you up
Shaking and anticipating 
When you've had about enough
Didn't know what God had N the making

Dreaming of my future
Some say that I'm a prophetess 
Still stuck in neutral 
So why am I scared when I should be pissed

Lord I gave up on him
A long m; long time ago
Yet God's showing visions like film
About what I'm supposed to know

Why has it taken so long
Wondering am I going to fulfill this calling
Seems like it ALL went wrong
My sins kept me falling

Short of his grace
But never His love
Best believe mercy was my case
And I thank the Lord above

Wondering how 
This will all work out
I'm so worried about the now
Playing games I'm not about

So I'll wait patiently 
Cuz none of this is new to me
This life of mine weighs heavily 
Father please forgive me

For what I wanted it to be
I once was blind but now I see
Disobedience has cost me
Never staying in misery


  • Aug 06, 2021

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