THE BLACK CURTAIN... Read Count : 46

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As the sun got off duty
The reddish sky hid itself behind a black curtain
Stitched with several shiny pearls
And twinkling diamonds

Some magic happened...
A strange round bright object
Appeared on that curtain
And illuminated the whole surrounding

Trees on the earth
Started dressing theirselves in blackish green
It was something weird
Because some flowers too, started blooming

As the nature started singing the song of peace and silence
Everyone overcame their plight
They slept under that black curtain, very relaxed  
To which they called the lovely NIGHT...


  • is it my observation??? well, yes it is... I always love to stare the sky at night... so thought to write down my observation.... this poem too may 've some errors but now I'm trying hard to improve them 😍🙏

    Aug 04, 2021

  • Aug 05, 2021

  • Aug 08, 2021

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