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Did you know: One hour on Earth, is seven years in space.

Miles seems so far away,
Miles seems not so far away,
In space our earth is; one world planet.

At the same time it seems there is never enough time,
Especially when it comes to self gratification.

As the most important step's,
Buildt the past, present into the propaganda of the future of the planet is inevitable.
We must not give up an defend at what is at bay.

Most will: Just enjoy the inhales of the fumes, get heard into the corrals, an be detoured into the trenches of demise.
Not to get caught up in the moment called:

We could get inflamed into any action,
That we do not wanna really use,
Since we are confined to this room,
Weak emotions fall into role play,
Only as Humans become physically restless.

Dressed in black,
Joins in the deceiving FUN time, (Federal United Nations)
No better time to get flattened,
People we become, considered: SLY. (Social Laws Yieldabilities)
Let out our Emotions, Go Wild and Riot Crazy.

Then we can go back,
As the authorities blind an tie us,
As the Drama continues to seem as we're innocently wrongly accused an abused.
We are the Humans left physically breathless.

Until tears flow from our physical human eyes.
All humans answers are: 
The scenario of punishment of a crime!

We have all a encouraging code,
But their will be detours in humans patterns,
The curves become straight lines,
But our faith will lead us,
So we will be reformed,
Until we land an slide,
Off the course; we will enter that labyrinth.

Things we say, make us bad,
But isn't that the wrong fad,
So when we're down an blue,
Just remember the laughing cow,
Always keeps a smile true.

You think I've gone,
That I am dead,
An life has lost it's Will,
But Feel me, 
I am right there,
Living with you still.

As I watch your tears,
I feel your pain,
I see the things you do.
I keep as well,
Each time you cry,
My soul, it lives with you.

It gives such encouragement an joy to hear laughter upon the world,
As I watch you do the things you do.

When you smile over by the gone days,
I smile right with you too.
For we're still one, just you an me,
An our family an friends, 
One mind, one soul, one world.

Walking forward into the future of life,
Through only humanity we are seen.

It struck to me,
That everyday lighten was bran new,
As if the clouds,
That instant slit let's the fire threw,
It burns in the night,
It blisters in the day,
It sickened flesh upon eye's sites.
With everything morns bright beams,
That storms was mildly brief ---
The modest, the quickest blew by,
But nature lost the date of this?

All that got lifted, is human souls into the wonderful skies.

As the world becomes a mystery of life abandoned at Armageddon.


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