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Can we be lead into deceiving ways?

The answer is yes! 
It is all around us, 
When people say look up,
People look down.
When people say look down,
People look up.
When people are right,
People are wrong.
When people are wrong,
People are right.

So many contradicting ways,
So many contradicting words,
So many contradicting thoughts,
So many contradicting actions,
So many contradicting people 
No wonder our societies are strung out with fear.

Confusing times we live in,
Lead by so much disinformation,
That the world we live in, continues to fall an crumbling before our eyes.

All the obstacles that everyone is facing,
Be due to situation,
Be due to illness,
Be due to loss,
Everyone is in same boat,
At one time or another.

How come the world is not coming together?

Loss of hope,
Loss of faith,
Loss of direction,
Whatever maybe the case in each individual bubbles in this earth,
Everyone feels the same obstacles.

Depend on each individual,
How they will cope to survive,
These tests that life has thrown our way,
Depends on how the individual will precieve it,
Depends on how the individual will overcome it,
Depends on how the individual strength to relate to it,
Victory or Defeat!
How will you press on?

Fall victims,
Or Stand tall an proud,
Raise up or hit rock bottom,
Only each individual knows the reactions,
Of their inner self draws or folds.

People see lazy as a weakness,
People see crazy as a scareness,
People see blameless as power,
People see fearless as a ego throne,
Really the most selfish people who are the cowards,
Hide an seek with lower citizen of a society.

Blame game,
Dirty wicked devilish crusades,
Mockery of riches,
Indulge in on savages as prey.
Food chain keeps recycling from generation to decades,
But with modern forcades.
More bagrades forming,
Slogins, symbols, an untruths spoken,
From past to present into futuristic a.i.
Images of what should of been,
Are images of altered reality.

That NWO going keep making money off of us test subjects in their science world.

Enough is Enough,
See No Evil,
Hear No Evil,
Speak No Evil,
Is how things need be in this Utopia.

Higher Power of all Creation,
Works in mysterious ways,
Do not be blind,
Do not be spellbound,
Do not be intimidated,
Black an white can be transformed,
Into color lands once again one day.

Fear me not,
Great sorrow will dwindle,
Pure gold hearts,
Will prevail in victory! 

Stay in tune with yourself,
Know your self,
Know your roots,
Just know that they, 
come from the ground.

What withers away,
Can be replanted,
Into a more better you.

So don't lose Hope,
So don't lose faith,
Most of all don't lose compassion for the lost an unwanted souls.

We all are lost in purgatory,
Helping the folks,
Is going mean more when comes to the end.


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