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Far Away From Me

I wait
To see your charming countenance;
To feel your aroha of warmth.
But your visage is far from me
Unto a land I know little of.
You promise
To always fill me with laughter and joy;
To wrap your cuddling arm around me.
But your arms are far from from me
Unto a house I know little of.
She vows
To never leave me in time and space;
To forever cherish me as hers.
But your presence has long deserted me 
Leaving my gaping heart in a desert of solitude.
I look
To recount our indelible consanguine moments;
To replay our intimate period of ecstasy.
But you are far away from me 
Into a locale I am barred from.
You aver
To keep me near your bosom of affection;
To sprawl your cloud of protection upon my little stature.
But you are far from me 
Unto a man I know not.
My heart weeps
To re-kindle the severed affinity;
To experience anew your touch of gentility.
But you are far from me
Unto a cause I may not know.
I hope
You will return wholly to me someday,
You will re-unite our broken and lost ties
Not from far away place I know not
But our abode of closeness in natality without departure.


  • Aug 03, 2021

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  • Aug 05, 2021

  • Cimthog Abegunde

    Cimthog Abegunde

    This is a beautiful piece, I enjoyed it.

    Aug 07, 2021

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