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Never seen so much jealousy
Even from my own family
Hate where's the love KEEP the envy 
This shit is new to me

I had your back, front and side
How quickly we forget
When it came 2 me U pushed me aside
U forgot who U were fucking with 

Just know you do the most
And we'll never be the same
Got you hollering ghost
I see ain't no love in the game

Yea I'm in my feelings
Cause what you did was foul
Ain't  no more chilling
And that's on your child

Evil thoughts in my head
Sister over here praying 
About what I said
These words I speak are slaying

Fighting my own battles
While putting up with you
Making my enemies scatter
So I'll keep speaking the truth

The cut off is real
Now that shit is personal
I don't care how you feel
I'm no longer your homegirl

Carry your own weight
Or get left BEHIND 
I got too much on my plate
Ain't no next time


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