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In life we have two advocates. 

One of them is the defender of the most eerie, sinister, and minatory behaviors that are deadly to our sanity, emotional state and growth as people, it make us act and do despicable things that make puts in question our sanity and sensibility. 
The other is sanguine, a little of a dare-devil, adventurouse and magnificent, although painful at times it is still needed; it's the predilect concoction for our sanity emotional state, and growth as humans and with its tenderness that is full of warmth can make us do heroics acts that are selfless and genuine.

You may wonder who am I speaking of, well you dam well know who they are since they are always with us, and without one we would not know the meaning of the other. I'm sure you know them, through history they both played a great deal in our growth as people, they are imprinted in our DNA and will forever remain with us. 
If you still curious just look around and you find them both lurking around and in between them there's the the line of forgiveness.


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