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Alone, i desperately grasp at all hints of normality.
My mind a barron dessert only filled with the feeling of pain and exile.
Every breath I take scorches my throat
with the burning feeling of abandon.
No one gets it.
No one knows a thing. 

I wish to fix myself but I can't figure out how.
It's like if you told a child they could have one thing but both options are an awful itchy sweater. 
She would pick on and then blame herself for hating her decisions.
Although, she would soon attempt to wear the other option and find it still didn't fit him well.

Left without another option,
 you would imagine she would soon give up and just wear the first sweater she picked out,
regardless of how it left rashes and scars. Maybe she would try and ask for something that would fit her needs better but get shut down the second she spoke.

Then one day,
as if by magic,
another sweater appeared.
It was comfy and felt right of their skin. They were happy to see a new option for them after having to suffer for so many years.
Everyone else however, was insulted by the idea. 
"She must wear what was passed down to her"
"She's just being dramatic"
These toxic voice from other people push them back into the first sweater.

But now it was different.
THEY knew it could be better.
THEY knew THEY could feel comfortable with what they were.
THEY wanted to be let free.
But what was holding them back?
The fear that their family and friends who they loved dearly would disown them at the mere mention of such things.
They were hiding the truth for a long time.
But now,
It's time to be brave.


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