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Write your awnsers on paper after picking.
Answers at end.

Dad: pick a color: red, green, yellow

Mom: pick a drink: soda,fruit punch,milk

Brother: pick a shape: circle,triangle,pentagon

Sister: pick a fruit: watermelon, apple, lemon

Son: pick a animal: panda, monkey, lion

Daughter: pick a element: ice, earth, wind

Uncle: pick a item: microphone,  mask, feather

Aunt: pick a car: mustang, Lamborghini, punch buggie

Cousin: pick a sense: touch, smell, hear

Neighbor:                                                                  ( some people consider neighbors family )  pick a school subject: reading, science, 

Awnsers: Dad: red:All might, Green: Eraser head, yellow: Endeavor. 

Mom: soda: ms.joke,fruit punch: recovery girl, milk: midnight.

Brother: circle:Amajiki, triangle: Dabi, pentagon: Ida

Sister: Watermelon: Uraraka, Apple: Nejire, Lemon: mom

Son: panda: monoma, monkey: Izuku, lion: Shoto

Daughter: ice: fuyumi, Earth: Jiro, Wind: Camie 

Uncle: microphone: Present mic, mask: twice, feather: hawks

Aunt: mustang: Mina, Lamborghini: kendo, punch buggie: Mt. Lady

Cousin: touch: shigaraki, smell: overhaul, hear: bakugo

 Neighbor: reading: News, Science: Kaminski, Math: Mirio

Hope you enjoyed the quiz! 😊


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