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I am a free spirit protected by the Holy Spirit I’m a warrior going the hell on earth. I will never doubt The Heavenly Fathers love no matter what    No matter what I face in this life   It’s been hell. But my faith and desire for the Lord is strong my thirst is never quenched.  
This is my life as of this moment and my thoughts and fears and what I feel write at this moment. Scared ready to battle Knowing the heavenly realm keeps me.  I’m living in a trailer in my daughter’s father’s backyard. This trailer sits behind the house which my daughter Erica  , her father Eric  , his questionable girlfriend (explain that later) and Uncle Larry ( who isn’t actual a uncle by blood  explain later) all live   I live in in a trailer /motor home in the backyard. Which has been home to some one else previously but he has passed on and yes I do know him well. Wow I can smell beer rite now s I write this which was his only source of fluid. As far as I could see. Also meth was a source of habit very common in this household. As for me I stopped when became pregnant with my daughter Erica who is 9 years old    Yes I sometimes do some stuff only to get me through the crap I struggle through yes I know I shouldn’t it only gives a way for the enemy to have a place   I don’t use socially. I guess I am a closet smoker.  I keep it hidden. And not a everyday user anymore. I have a deeper purpose and am not always going to be using this stuff. Sometimes I just say people suck and want to cry and want to give in so I hit the quag and regain control over the situation. Situation over what ? You will think I’m nuts out of my mind or crazy. But it’s the truth and I’m more normal than you are assuming. 


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