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Behind my happiness 
as a child wasn’t bright 
you thought I was who I am now 
throughout my life 
things weren't going so well 
she worked and went to school 
at that same time, 
my family and I lived in a small 
apartment in a little town 
where I was born in 
when both of them were busy 
I had a babysitter, who came 
to take care of me. 
She came home weary and burden 
still had to take care of me 
can’t do everything by myself 
fed me, helped me to get dressed, took me to school, do it all alone. 
He used to work in a two-different restaurant 
I have been taken care of by my babysitter, 
I had lived in her hometown, 
I had gotten sick, and I was like 
her father almost can’t make it, 
I was alive and had survived. 
Her father can’t make it alive, 
he had died on my birthday 
in many years ago. 
Life wasn’t easy for me 
my family and I moved out 
into a house in Kirkland 
had lived there, 
I had made many friends 
from my elementary school 
family and I lived there 
had the same insecurities as you 
in my teenage years 
she took me to Newport high school, 
I took Chinese class 
one of my teachers was surprised 
of my ability of learning 
had to recommend her enrolled 
me into Bellevue College. 
Winter quarter of 2018 
I took four-course classes 
didn’t know you exist in 
this education, 
I had made new friends 
from one of my classes 
on my birthday, 
she had a birthday celebration 
for me and that brightens my day. 
Took the bus home all by myself, 
when I went home to open the door, 
I had another birthday celebration 
waiting for me. 
Saw a large chocolate cake with 
all of my favorite foods 
surrounding me sung 
happy birthday to me 
had another birthday celebration 
through a video chat with my mother’s 
sisters and brothers
I started to get to know your Christian 
best friends and head leader of a Christian group, 
they invited me to play a game 
that when I had met you,
didn’t know each other that well, 
we started being stranger 
into being acquaintances and 
become friends with each other. 
I want to be your friend 
waited until the right time
to told you 
I wanted to be your friend 
about another year, 
I understand what you felt 
you’re not the only one,
to felt that way. 
Felt the same as you do 
know your problem better than other people can, 
you should come to me for help 
I’m just like you 
but, you prefer to choose two of your best friend 
over me. 
Feel like I’m under your best friend’s shadow 
I know they’re your best friend, 
it hurt me when you don’t consider me as one 
I want to be just like them 
know I react to your problem, 
that because I was shocked by sudden changes 
didn’t mean to make it a big deal. 
I just have a problem with mental health,
you still my favorite person within my heart, 
if you told me everything about your life, 
I would be nicer to you and won’t make it 
hard on you. 
Listen to your problem 
Dry your tears, 
give you a hug 
say to you there, there you just went through so much in life and I know how hard it is for you. 
My high school insecurities stuck within me,
you know yours, you’ll know about mine 
I’m insecure of things I’m not good at, 
I’m scare being a burden, hurting people, make the problem worse. 


  • Hedgens Hyppolite

    Hedgens Hyppolite

    amazing. beautifully written 👏 ❤

    Jul 29, 2021

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