When He Looks Another’s Way Read Count : 34

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When a wife tells her husband she saw him take a double look at a female in the store I don’t think they realize how it makes them feel. Why does he defend himself rather than apologize? Why not put the wife’s mind as ease if that wasn’t the case? Why say it didn’t happen, when clearly what you did or didn’t do has made her feel disrespected.  If he didn’t do it then set it straight by explaining why it could never happen. Is it because he did do something that very well could have made an impact on the wife’s feelings and you don’t want to take on that ownership? 

When a man looks at another woman with lust even though he’s married it can put a strain on his marriage. When the wife already feels insecure about her body only to see her husband eyeing another females ass in public even though he’s never been caught taking a first much less second look at his wife’s ass it’s devastating. Most men think it’s jealousy which in this case it’s not, it’s just plan disrespectful to do right in front of her! She knows she will never have a 20yr olds ass again and she’s come to terms with that but when her own husband does this right in front of her it hurts in ways it’s hard to explain. 



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