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The Pain is inherited 

My heart is black ice 

I was the last ripe fruit falling from the burnt tree 

Slice me in two 

Save my last hopeful seeds 

Otherwise my own mouth speaks all of my innocence away, into holes

You made me this way 

You cut my eyes to let the darkness in 

The child you took care of is the Teenager you reject 

Throw yourself into the wishing well 

Undress your bones from your flesh and give me the Suit 

But, i have swallowed characteristics up enough 

My teeth are shattered wine glasses 

And my Throat is clogged 

You can overdose now on all those pills you take 

I'm the stalking face looking over your back, i really know who you are 

The teenager you neglect will be the adult you don't know nothing about.

Give back all the money 

You stole from mother's hands 

You've pushed my will to live into a grave-gap 

To brush all your sneaky actions under a silenced, nailed carpet 

Beg to be around ignorance towards your domestic violence 

Beg that every ear will be deaf for the exposure of your mind-fuckery games 

And i pray that revenge will cover you in its spiderweb-sugar 

Yeah, i will meditate to god now 

Will ask the universe to make you live our lonely lives now 

(Live our betrayed lives now)

My dad's so raped from narcissism that he'll never know what's above its body 

My father is so fucked from narcissism that he'll never know what's behind its body

There where love should be, i only feel an emptiness

But i'm no user-friendly possession, no.

You made me this way 

You cut a slit into my eyes and the light left me 

The child you took care of is the teenager you avoid

And will become the adult you don't know nothing about

Say your gas-lighting backwards 

and sew up your Gossiping mouth 

You're such a sadist, desperate words turn you on 

Your inner child is seeking for help, 

go and become a saviour 

Greet the healing, wave goodbye to your unhealthy mama's boy-behaviour 

But you don't give one single fuck about us or yourself 

You're a axe in my family tree, stuck in the wood 

Now i know why i'm bleeding, too 

And when i'm drunk, i view my experiences as lessons, good. 

The responsiblity in your hands, 

there's no one here to believe my screams for help

No one's there for us...


  • dope poem

    Jul 27, 2021

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