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They thought I can move on 
without them telling me what to do 
didn’t expect me to be different 
I have been born not like other peoples 
they thought I was making a mistake 
their moods affect me, 
anger tone of voice 
know they were feeling 
I was deeply hurt by that, 
it overwhelms me so much 
I can’t help myself walking away. 
Everything around me begins to 
it makes my heart rate beat fast 
can’t sleep at night 
with a circle under my eyes 
burning stove all over my body, 
that can’t turn it off 
I’m not like other people, 
my mental health have to do with 
additional different condition disorder. 
Understand different people and what it is like for them, 
my personality involved around kindness 
and I can’t give what they want, 
it has to do with my mental health.
Push myself to give what you want 
then I might have severe symptoms 
want to give happiness to you 
don’t know where to start 
my heart won’t come out, 
my mind yearned for the past 
is not that easy for me, I don’t know what to do, 
you are making it hard for me 
everything stuck in my mind 
I’m overwhelmed as more than you are.
We’re not like other people, can we just compromise with each other? 
Can we just cooperate? 
We won’t make it hard for both of us, can we do that? 



  • Jul 25, 2021

  • Jul 27, 2021

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