I Don't OWE YOU Read Count : 60

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.... what a WOMAN DOESN'T OWES you

You see my life
It's mine
My time 

My body
It's mine 
My attitude 
It's fine

My personality 
Is still mine
My agings
Like fine wine

My voice
It's mine
My choice 
It's mine

I don't owe you shit
Bihh stop smothering me
I'm not your bitch
Everybody can see

How you played your game
NIGGA you never done me right 
It was a damn shame
Now a bitch is ready to fight

After losing my mother
You can't fix this shit
How you played my brother
Had him acting like a bitch

You can't punk me down
Ain't no more being soft
Bitch I'm standing my ground 
I'm my own damn boss

You can't make me forgive you
No matter what you do
So cold I can't feel you
I'm just threw

After 15yrs of you 
Wasting my time
Continue to do what you do
Know I'm going to be just fine


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