The Big Butt Read Count : 40

Category : Books-Non-Fiction

Sub Category : Sports
One time a naked girl walkt past me man
Get butt was big
Inean I've Sean a girls butt be for not that big
I went up to her and askt mam why do you got a big butt she seas be cause I was born with it
Not like I had a choice I told her it's nice looking thank you sheet dead I need to go out with a girl like that I that to my self
But she wood hate that probably don't know
My mom's butt is bigger then every girls in the world I think so and then I took off thanking 
Man iff I sheet her tomatomarow I'm asking her out  she come up to me again seas hey 
Remember yesterday I dead yes why will what's up I want to you to see me naked
Sheet dead ok  I dead wow  your butt is big
I know wee got down to the north gritty 
You want to go out with me I'm owny 36
Ok me to dhe3 dead let's go  and they went off
Bye she seas good buy see you to Marie ok


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