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In all of my life
Didn't know it so many users
Busy stirring up strife
Playing victim but you're the abuser

After doing your dirt
You go and repent
With no concerns about whom you hurt
Just about the money you spent

Investing in people like property 
Acting like you God
Thinking that's the way it should be
Not caring about the odds

Karma always has her way
Bihhh that's my name
I didn't get in this shit to stay
I'm not apart of the game

Don't keep pushing up on me
Thinking you can't be beat
Just know that I keep that heat on me
I'm still in these streets 

You turned on me
Now you acting like I came against you
BIHHH I'm still gutter as can be
Don't let these church clothes fool YOU 


  • Jul 22, 2021

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