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I've asked you nice 
To let the fuck go
 Don't keep playing with my life
Bitch my answers still no

Im not staying in the game
 For you or your momma 
 You put dirt on my name
With all of your damn drama

I'm not helping you
Bihhh help yourself 
15yrs of STAYING true
Ain't got shit left

 I'm tired of you BITCHES
  HOLDING your hands out
 When I was in need you went missing Ghost my ass without a doubt

You owe ME bands 
Stacks upon stacks
I'm NOT STAYING for no man
 Bihhh its  payback

Don't keep putting me in your shit
 I'm not riding for you
 I'm not up on your dick
I've had enough of you

You crossed the line
Bitch I boss ME
 I told YOU TIME after time
Bihh just let me be

After the dust settles 
My plans never fell
You still don't matter
But you can go to HELL 


  • Jul 22, 2021

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