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Idk ,its just a weird feeling 
I get when someone is rude
To me or hurts me verbally 
It feels like something hits my heart 
its like a knock ,Its not that painful,
But its also not the best feeling ever 
I know its my heart trying to say something 
But I dont want to listen to it so I just ask it to Shut up it knocks again and keeps quiet
Until someone hurts me again 
People call it "butterflies in chest and stomach" but I feel it only in my chest 
And I am sure its not" butterflies"
Its just something u get when you're sad 
And dying from inside
~ anonymous ♡


  • i just needed some place to dump this shit i am sorry ik no ones gonna like it

    Jul 23, 2021

  • Jul 28, 2021

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