My Life After Read Count : 58

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Sub Category : YoungAdult
                   CHAPTER ONE
Hey lenzo come here" uncle b said solemnly as he tie his shoe lace. 
"I'm here sir" lenzo replied 
"ok get me my wrist watch" he exclaimed
"here is it sir" lenzo replied
"now tell your elder ones that I'm going out to check on someone and I would be back shortly" uncle b said 
"ok sir I would tell them" lenzo replied happily

*  *  * * *  *  *  * * *  *  * *  *

"Aunty S-a-a-r-a-h" lenzo shouted 
"what happen?" Sarah replied 
"nothing b-b-u-u" Lenzo stammered

                     CHAPTER TWO

NB: If you want to feature in the next chapter pls message me on Whatsapp @ 2348050426392


  • Jul 22, 2021

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