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Deep under the water I saw a sharp object approaching me.I was scared to death when I started seeing black and white,I screamed on top of my lungs but I knew that that was the end of of my story.I gave up trying to find the light that was fading right on front of me
I just wanted help but it seems like getting it meant putting someone else in the difficult situation I was in

I got closer to the large body that was now a step from was blocking my way making things impossible for me.I couldn't move nor talk at all.that was when loneliness took over my body...depressed and alone how fun could it be,that's what I said while crying....feeling a little bit alive with every tear that escaped my eyes

Everything turned mute Teddie was not comforting at multipled kg's so nothing was helping...everyone got the ONE to their NINE while I still missed prince charming.... My DARK KNIGHT was becoming my BLACK KNIFE cutting me in tiny prices,my ROMEO turned into ROMANO**DAMN how bad can it be when ADAM turned into ADRIA its funny how good turns into bad in a heart beat!!!!!!


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