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My heart is broken my soul is lost
My chest is burning my mind is bluh
I can't breath and I can't scream, I can't cry
For I have no tears left I had cried and its enough

I was more than fine and you ruined me
You made it clear:I aren't worth your time I shouldn't
Had loved you.they warned me but i didnt listen to their changed me.i was young and beautiful
And now I'm stupid and broken.I'm worth a sand

I'm filled with scars,scars that can never be healed 
My pillow isbwrt and I feel like I'm drowning,drowning in 
My own tears.I had never cried this way in my life.if I knew
The feeling of dying I would have described this feeling with
It but I don't know how dead people feel.I wish someone 
Could help me describe this feeling in words cause I'm tired 
Of describing it in tears


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