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There's no competition 
I'll always speak my truth 
Loyal to self is my only mission
I see you'll full of shit to

Just know we're  not the same
No matter how you add it up
You must be insane
So baby I'll just double up

You had it your way
For 15  long YEARS 
Best believe Im'ma pray
While fighting back the tears

YOU can move how you like
But stay in your lane
Battling like it's open mic
Ain't no rules in the game 

I refuse to carry you
Never staying in your shadow
You can't tell me what YOU BEEN thru
If you tried IT WOULDN'T matter

Strike 3 you're out
When I'm done I'm done
I saw what you were ABOUT 
You stole seed to get your son

Diss ME BIHH bye
That was your last trick
There's no need to lie
You never were legit

So take your loss
 And  Wear it well
Realize I'm your boss
As I drag your ass to HELL 


  • Jul 20, 2021

  • Jul 20, 2021

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