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I know we had a rough start but looking at you today I know that your the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and we met when I was 16 and you were only 13, I thought that true love was just a fairy tale that I could never find true love, but look at where were at today were getting married, now I’m looking in your eyes and all I see is 2 beautiful kids in our future. I knew I was in love when all I wanted was 3 things, to kiss you, to see you, and to have kids with you when we met you kept leaving because you were afraid of making a commitment and getting hurt, and to be honest I wanted to leave you so bad because I was also afraid of getting hurt but you wouldn’t let me go just like I wouldn’t let you go. And now I’m standing here in front of everyone we know telling you that I’m in love with you. There really are no words to tell you how much I truly love you, I really did know I was in love when I couldn’t sleep at night because you were on my mind. I may have met you online but I really knew I was in love when I was dating someone that lived literally 2 doors down but you were still the one on my mind, and I realized that I learned a lesson and the lesson was that it’s not about distance it’s about how they make you feel and if they make you feel happy or not. So I’m standing here right now telling you that I love you but even though I love you there’s really no amount of words that can describe how much I love you.


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