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Denial to lifeless continuance within this endless cycle,

Homicidal to these thoughts of betrayal from this bridal,

Reprisal from these shallow waters for another revival, 

Spiteful of this distrust, my vinyl heart in survival,

The American dream was stolen in an instance,

My persistence shines behind my wilted existence,

Life's resistance slows my spirit behind in the distance,

Without my other half it's relentless, this is choreographed,

Analyzing this horrendous graph, I'll fill in the gaps on her behalf,

The devilish ways of this still photograph as she laughed,

I remember everything, every ounce of this black,

Looking onward from the past, still feeling the detonated blast,

Everything happened so fast, the reality I'm unable to clasp,

Pieces falling around me from the numbing rasp,

Stillborn man crawling through the smoke, covered in ash,

Soulfully grey now, internally scarred from the heartfelt overcast,

I'm smashed, mind is gashed, soul is slashed, the hearts in a life raft,

Without another to trust in this haunted wasteland,

I'll drift alone as I slowly sink into the consuming sand,

Falling down heart first, I'll never be able to stand. 


  • Abhinav  Patel

    Abhinav Patel

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    Jul 19, 2021

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