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’Asks the ‘Self’ - ‘Who am I? What am I!’?  ‘Am I, just - simply - < A Lump under the sky >’!                                                          ’Whatever across - anything ‘sharp or dull …’,                                                               Items stay - mere, meagre ‘Skeleton ‘n’ Skull’.                                                           Still then, why ’getting busy only with ‘Self’?                                                           Here, there, ‘For Self’ runs, seeks help!       As ’Looks back to ‘Self’ - ’Conscious to measure,                                                     ’Discovers, on spot - this ‘Self’ is the treasure.                                                      ’Assesses ’dearth within, ‘Self’ set to ‘Transform’,                                                 ‘Serve, and Sustain’ onwards, ’urging to perform;                                                      ’Arranges others’ need - clothes, shelter, with meal,                                                    ’Step-by-step feed - adding cheer, with zeal.


  • Jul 19, 2021

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