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People are passing through a lot,
The faces we see out here are nothing but masks,
They are crying out for help,
But there are no shoulders to lean on,
Only mouths to carry the story on,
Let me share with you a story
And I hope you open your eyes to some of these cases.

Let me introduce you to my friend John,
He is the happiest person I know around,
Always smiling and full of jokes and stories,
And everyone just loves his company,
He loves listening to music,
But his choices of music are odd,
For a happy person,he is into depressing and sad songs, isn't it weird?

So I asked about his choice of music and his answer surprised me,
"I love sad music coz they relate to how I feel inside."
So the happy John is just a mask hiding the suffering John.
Wishing well by Juice World is his favourite song,
I listened to the song and it is a song for help.

We talked a lot that day and I realised,
I had been blinded by this mask,
To notice that the real John was not around,
And I blame myself for never noticing all this,
The case of John is not an isolated case,
We have plenty of people hiding behind the mask.

Have you ever heard of that happy friend that committed suicide?
Do you know that someone feels lonely even though they are in a company?
Have you ever asked yourself why someone changed all of a sudden and you thought they were moody?
Have you ever asked yourself why someone went silent on you without reason?

Depression is here and it is robbing us of friends,brothers,sisters and even parents,
People are fighting silent battles that they are not talking about,
But sadly we are too busy or ignorant to notice this,
Some are afraid that their troubles might become the day stories if they share,
And they choose to suffer alone.

Make that call to that friend that went silent,
Talk to that friend that seems to be moody all the time,
Look out for sign that are not normal,
And just offer a listening ear and a leaning shoulder.

Let me quote a line from wishing well by Juice World,
"Somethin' feels broke, need to fix it
I cry out for help, do they listen?
I'ma be alone until it's finished."
I forgot to mention this to you,
Juive World died of overdose,
He was crying out for help through his songs and nobody reached out,
But you can reach out to that person,
You never know,you might be the reason someone finds the will to fight again.


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    Ghostly Poet

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