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You can't make me jealous
With something that I never had
My sex drive is zealous
I know you want me real bad

You can never hide lust
Just know I see right through you
Testing these waters is a must
You just want me to school you

I'm not trying to make you leave home
 But once you hit it you won't forget 
Making love to you would be wrong
But you best believe I'll hit

Sack you like a quarterback 
All upon my bed
Giving niggas heart attack 
While I'm giving them head

Trying to leave shit in my past
But I still remember 
When I fucked you last 
Seems like I can't break THIS grasp 

How you pinned me down
Squirting in my bed
Giving me dick by the pound
But please don't be misled 

I'm not trying to catch feelings 
Or get attach to you 
I just need sexual healing
I'm just speaking my truth


  • Jul 20, 2021

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