Xerxas The Nec(romantic) Dragon Read Count : 46

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
Xerxas, the Nec(romantic) dragon, lives under my Skullcap 
The stomach acid of eternal infinity and unimaginability
Innoncence crossed his way, they both got tangled up in desire
So by the end of day, he dissolved into foggy dust, crashed through the golden, yellow glass of sky

Oh, Xerxas, the Nec(romantic) Dragon, lives behind my eyes 
His clean whiteness got stained with fog, dust and blood, in a burnt ghost-town buried Underground 

Xerxas, the Nec(romantic) Dragon, lives in the hidden Darkness of my face
Killing, stealing, enslaving souls of his children, with fire, claws and teeth
By the help of his favourite treasure, a black stone with red lightnings thundering inside, that he made!
Later on, seeing a mouth on the church, hearing a voice whispering sins and crimes into his two ear-holes 
So he went, trying to force edges upon countlessness
with same old methods he used and knew so well 

Oh, Xerxas, the Nec(romantic) dragon lives in my head
Not knowing the looks of stop-signs, he makes kings, queens, titans and gods together with affected folks and objects his higher statistics of armies

Oh Xerxas, the Nec(romantic) dragon, lives in the Center of my Brain-box 
What His mouth can spit were bombs, blowing up some worlds, fireworks inside the universe, partying in their own glow

The golden body, purple-striped, that Lizard's gettin' old, with wings, fragile as a butterfly that reached His goal
They build a tent over himself, as he closes his eyes and puts himself to sleep, deep, hidden in the earth-realm 
His tail, beside his leg 
But the lilac magma, still a glitter line burnt from his chest to the end of his stomach

Oh, Xerxas, the Nec(romantic) dragon, lived in my crown-bones 
Remembered as a betrayer of friends and deceiving shape-shifter

Oh, Xerxas, the Nec(romantic) dragon, lived in my Chakra at the top of my Pyramid-hat 


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