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I'm better off,
 I'm not kidding. 
 Any conversation I have with you
 Has become an argument.

  I'm better off without you.  
I'm not telling you lies.
We both deserve something better, 
We can't make it work the way we want.  

I'm better off, 
I don't want to feel any pressure.
I want to be like a free bird flying over the sky,
 You can try a relationship 
With someone close to you.

 I'm better off without thinking
 And overthinking all the time.
I'm better off.
I'm better off without you by my side.


  • Jul 16, 2021

  • nice ma'am...

    Jul 17, 2021

  • Great poem 👍👌🐝🌹💐

    Aug 08, 2021

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