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I loved you when I thought 
You were sincere... but your truth was a lie.  
I loved you when I thought I was special to you,
 But the others were special in your eyes. 

 I rest my thoughts,
 I don't want to think about what I did wrong. 
 I rest my heart, I no longer want to feel 
The pain scratching my scars. 

I leave you free,
 You like freedom and do whatever you want 
By hiding things from me, 
Making me believe that you are different 
When you are like my exes - 
Finding the same excuses
 To be forgiven after every fight.

I leave you alone,
 Maybe you need time to understand 
That you disappointed me
 And things can no longer be the same for me.


  • Jul 16, 2021

  • very nice ma'am...

    Jul 17, 2021

  • Aug 08, 2021

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