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   Loneliness resides inside my heart tugging my strings like a marionette as I slowly tap away at my keyboard's keys, trying to find solace and solitude in my words as I did when I started writing again. With my own struggles I had almost forgotten how important the people and life I live are. It seems as though we had been drifting apart slowly and a piece of my spirit was lost in an ocean of cold despair and sadness. Yet a light brighter than the sun shimmered and guided me back to it's resting place. A wise man once said, "You do not find pearls on the beach, you must dive down deep to find them."
   Truer words had never been spoken in these last two years of journeying to awaken the words that slumbered inside me. A long lost friend had been missing for several years as I try to solve the puzzle of my destiny without the most important piece of that puzzle. Who I am, who I was, and what I was meant to become. My spiritual journey feels as though it has just begun as a new era of possibilities for people arises, yet I hope I can complete my dreams as I intended. I wonder if the people are ready to see and hear me in public everyday. Are they willing to accept me? That time is approaching swiftly, with so many desired accomplishments. I am a chariot, never giving up and riding into the winds of my fate.


  • Jul 16, 2021

  • Jul 16, 2021

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