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Which is better Forex or IQ option? You are probably juggling between Forex and IQ options to make trading choices. 

Many of you are here to make a decision but do not know what these words stand for. Forex trading is a financial market.

 Traders in this market exchange currencies to make a profit. IQ options are trading of underlying assets. 

Forex and IQ option come with their own sets of merits and demerits. What is merit to your friend might be a demerit to you. 

Safe trade binary options will evaluate each of these based on a few factors. Set your trading objectives will only give you clarity. Do it before you hop on to reading this article. 

Which is better Forex or IQ option?

A Full day accessibility

A person interested in trade with a full-time job should pick Forex. It gives you the option to conduct your trade for the entire day for 5 days per week. You can visit the safetradebinaryoptions to know details. Unlike options, you do not need to wait till the morning before you could trade. This feature comes in handy when there is some unannounced positive trend in the market. Forex is better even in terms of expiry. Options expire faster which is why you need to trade faster. Sometimes this could be difficult for a person with other priorities.

Returns or Losses

IQ options would always give you a fixed return. If you are opting for a higher return, you should opt for Forex. That being said, the losses on the Forex is far more than that on options. It simply means that you could lose more money on Forex. This is not an option in IQ options as you would only lose your investment. You are always aware of what is at stake. A risk-averse person should choose options over Forex based on this result. If risks excite you, feel free to choose Forex. You can earn more profit here.


IQ options take more time in trade execution than Forex. There is no possibility of having your order slipped with Forex trading which can be an advantage.


The daily volume of trade is more in Forex than the IQ option. This means that the Forex market is more liquid. Increased liquidity means faster filling of trades which ensure higher profits.


In an interbank market, FX trading is free from the commission. In IQ options, you might have to pay a little commission.


Forex trading gives more leverage only if you have made the right move. If not, you could lose more money than you invested. You can increase your leverage with options. All you need to do is manage the put and call options. This option can increase your leverage with lower risk.


Coming back to the original question: Which is better Forex or IQ option? Truth be told, there is no way to know. Which option is better for you would entirely depend on your trading style. Evaluate whether you are a risk lover or averse before reaching a decision. There is no option of labelling one option as a hero and the other as a villain. FX provides greater profit which IQ options provide higher risk. Which one would you pick?


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