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I wish you were
Here to hold me and never let me go
Here for me to lay my head on your warm Like heat chest

I wish you were here for you to make me smile
To whisper in my ear that everything will be okay

Because when you are not here
I get in my head
Thinking I'm alone
When I know deep down inside
No matter how far away you are
Your heart is always with me

When you're not here
I'm constantly looking at the pictures that reminds  me of how happy you make me
Of how happy  I make you
And how I can't wait to make more photographic memories with you

When you're not here
I think about how much I wish you were
No matter if I'm having a good day or bad day
I just always want you beside me
Holding me

Being my reminder of how I deserve to be happy and all the good things in life

But you know what
You do too
Just for being you
Just for being the man I fell in love with
Being someone that made me believe in love


  • Jul 13, 2021

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