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Never seen so much hate
Envy and jealousy
I can never relate
That shit's just not IN ME 

Every time that I'm up
You try to knock me back down
You already done enough 
Scandalized my name through the town

YOU competing against me
When I was holding  you down
Praying it wouldn't be
First class clown

Walked away from the drama 
Yet you still stalking
Lost my mind when I lost my momma
Bit your tongue while I'm talking

You can keep bumping  your lips
About what you heard
Just know I refuse to let you slip
BACKING down I can't afford

NOW I'm out for blood 
Couldn't even trust my own crew
Dragged my NAME THRU the mud
All of them took me through 

Had so much on my mind 
While you were out chasing clout
Just know it's no next time
I figured you out

You can be mad as hell
But don't bite the hands that feed you
I still wish you well
Best BELIEVE I don't need  you

Hurt me to cut you off
But you kept hurting me
Didn't matter to you the cost
Only how you thought things should be

Never caused you pain
I gave you my all
How you did me was a damn shame
You prayed that I'd fall

Only  God kept me
I'm still holding on
Thank God He never left me
Just  know I'm  Cole strong


  • Jul 13, 2021

  • The majority of this made no sense. But I get it.

    Jul 13, 2021

  • Jul 13, 2021

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