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I have a little bird(die) 
He rests in a shoe box, a cloth-nest
and i feed him on dead dry insects 
If my cat was still here, she'd eat him whole, not mindin' the feathers, no-oo 
then my birdie's bathing in a stomach
That's the school in which Nature teaches 
Hectic and stressful Survival lessons
But here he isn't shitting and pissing 'cause of fright and fear and anxiety 

I have a rejected bird(die) 
His parents and sliblings sacrificed him to shut their own hunger up
Along came two girls, found him starving on the Stairs, but they gave him to me 
Now my birdie's way better at eating and growing and living 
At first the poor little, half naked swallow didn't open His beak 

Breathing, moving and curious sweetness...with a busy, cleaning and singing beak...sleepy and cuddling with me and my mom...stretching out wings, fluttering them...named "stitch", like in the cartoons and the movies for children, same, watched it too

Talking to that angelic animal in silly ways,
Communicating with imitated sounds that the birds make
We're becoming receivers for answers 
With a caregiver's motherly behaviour 
Is it Narcissistic to not let him fly into a world he doesn't know? 

I have a little bird(die)
Humans would have it too easy with him
And, does he know the smell of Predators, or the look of luminous sharp teeth and claws? 
He shouldn't die younger than the oldest young he'll get, become it
'cause here's paradise, fulfilling all the needs. 


  • Jul 13, 2021

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