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When I had your back
You took me for granted
I never showed no slack 
Neither left you in panic 

After 15 long years
You didn't give me a dime
But you left me in tears
You even took what WAS MINE

Left me FOR DEAD
After you got up
Was on my death bed
Still I wasn't enough

You even married another
After DOING ME in
After losing my mother
My baby my best friend 

Seems like every time I'm up
You only want to come thru
You left me stuck
You know that it's true

Only God made a way
Had to PRAY MY way out
I'm not saying another day
No matter how you scream and shout

I didn't have no money
For food or gas
You thought it was funny
I didn't have tissue to wipe my aā˜†ā˜†

I lost everything I had
Thank God I kept my mind
If it wasn't for my sister, mom and dad
I would have died before my time

You played my family
Had debt over our head
Others couldn't stand ME
Off THE LIES you fed

I shed to many tears
So much hatred in my heart
You can't restore the years
I'm done with a new starts

Walked away from it all
I refuse to look back
They all waited for my downfall 
Everyday was an attack

The fight was never fair
They watched from the pavilion 
They don't really care
All they want is a million 

Keep spitting your spit
Just stop wasting my time
I pray you happy WITH WHO you're with
I'm still doing just fine

Just know I'll always KEEP it real
It doesn't matter what you say
I'll always tell you how I feel
I choose ME at the end of the day


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