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In the mornings I wake up
To only go back to sleep, 
And once I'm up and awake
Just want to go back to sleep. 

There is something in the night
A force that drives me, 
I make pictures, get creative
I write stories till the sun comes up, 
Get a lot of time to myself
In the night, 
Time I use to practice my arts. 

The days are filled with love
With Nat by my side, 
She is good to me

Always have chores to do
Through the day, 
Go places
To buy things. 

This morning
I was asleep for too long, 
Missed my visit, 
Had to rearrange.

Tripped out without you my love, 
Fixed your chair, 
Watched TV, 
And as the night crept up
I took a shower, 
And we went to bed. 

You fell asleep my love
While I wrote this.... 


Turned a full year on writer's outlet on June the 21st, happy I'm still here writing and reading everyone's works, thank you Jared for your app and to this past year and many more years to come. 


  • The title comes from the lyrics of 'Self control' a track from the 80s, hope you guys like it. 😊👍🐝❤️

    Feb 03, 2022

  • very nice sir...

    Jul 09, 2021

  • 😪

    Nov 13, 2021

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